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Triumph tr6 turbo kit

Ever wonder how to generate HP for about the same cost as a set of triple webers? The web site www. Currently the following vehicles are listed:. Additional information is provided on turbos, brake modifications, etc. If you have any information about other turbo charged Triumph engines please drop us a line at mail turbo-tr6. You must be logged in to post a comment. Send a private message. First Name. Last Name. Display name publicly as.

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Triumph TR6 Full Engine Rebuild Kits - Pi

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triumph tr6 turbo kit

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject. Necessary Always Enabled. Log in with Facebook. Forgot your details?Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? The Triumph Experience www. Turbo TR6? Yes sir! Posted by rjtr6. Quebec, QC, Canada. Hello Everybody This is my first post and I'm french speaking so please be indulgent. I want to share my experience in modifying my TR6 induction.

Everything is reversible to stock and OEM intake and exhaust manifold were used. We fabricated a J-pipe to connect the turbo to the manifold and prepared an aluminum intake extension to connect it to the existing intake. The turbo is a Garrett T3 Super 60 with.

It spools very fast, giving full boost around rpm. To avoid detonation, we use premium gas and the mechanical spark advance was limited to 16 degrees at the distributor by adding a sleeve over the limiter pin. I also have an electronic ignition. At 7 psi of boost I use B1AR adjustable needle and it works fine.

1969 Triumph TR6 with a RB25

The next summer yes there is snow up here I plan to increase the boost to psi and change the needle to B1R. I don't want to go higher than 10 psi to avoid damage to the rest of the driveline.

Even at 7 psi, the car is a thrill to drive. Much more responsive than stock. This is quite fast for a TR6! I will post pictures very soon. Best to all of you Richard. Sponsored Links.Print this page. I'd like to keep the basic engine but add a supercharger to boost the output.

Super-charging goes back a long ways and seems the perfect way to keep the 6 but goose it good. From what I've read, the low 8. I'm looking for direction on what to do to beef up the old 6 to take it. If you modify the engine with turbocharging modifications you will loose your shirt when you sell the car. It the financial hit is OK then have at it - there is a pile of information available on the internet with the usual search methods. I'm also interested in increasing the cylinder pressures of the old "six banger" and have recently completed construction of my "Megasquirt" fuel injection computer and have a good design including intercooling and water injection systems.

triumph tr6 turbo kit

I recently changed my mind on the whole thing and am planning on staying with my current TR6 config which I really enjoy driving. I went with the old "carb-cam- exhaust " route and it wakes up the engine and I really like the car that way. I decided that to go fast and go to the track, the purchase of a different marque is in order. You will eventually come to the understanding that a Triumph TR6 is not a fast car but it really is one of the classic all time great sports cars for the the "sum of it's parts" behaviour.

We love the TR6, but not because it is particularly quick and beleive me when I say, you'll be disapointed in trying to go fast in a TR6.

By comparison, you could purchase the lotus 32 valve aluminum double overhead cam horse ZR1 corvette for about 35 grand and have one of the three fastest cars in the entire world at the time of mfg.

And you will spend that to make your TR6 go half as fast. Merry Christmas JP. I had saved to my favorites a real slick turbo TR6, I think the fellow lived in Colorado, used the fuel injection mentioned above, upgraded brakes to Toyota disc, put a TR4 surrey top on.

I have since deleted the link, but I'm sure it's in the fairly recent archives available to members. Anyway, if you need motivation and good tips on pumping up the 6, I recommend you find his pages. I agree with being able to buy a faster car for less money, and there are quite a few posts here proposing a V8 engine swap would be more bang for the buck.

But it's your car, have fun! He has an adjustable wastegate so that he can turn up his boost as he wants for more hp.

The Triumph Experience

I am going for the supercharger route. I think that if we enjoy our cars, and maybe consider not modifying them past the point of no return, then why not? I like the style and speed.

Moss Motors TR2-4A Supercharger Information Video

If bang for the buck is what you are looking for, the Mini Cooper "S" is surprisingly quick. Won't outrun the ZO6 but will scare him up to 50mph or so. If the link does not work, Google "The A. Walt, I am considering supercharging my Listed below are a couple of sites of guys that have done this.

I to believe the late model 6's are perfect candidates for "boost". Please keep me advised of your progress and I will do the same.

Mitch self at: anglefire. I've installed Sal's kit on my 71 TR6. I'm pleased with the results. I'm still in the "tweaking" process to obtain the best results. I was looking for a way to increase the power but still be streetable and most importantly pass the vehicle emission testing to get license plates. I've got that a consistant idle even when hot and is even more fun to drive. I've seen too many triple weber set ups failing emission testing and owners either swapping plates or just rarely using their cars.Regular British Motoring readers know that over that last few years, Moss Motors has been at the forefront of a new trend: retrofitting British classics with upgraded performance and technology.

Modern overdrive transmissions, tubeshock conversions, electronic fuel injection systems, and a variety of supercharger kits have reinvigorated and revolutionized the sports car hobby.

Rather than slapping a modified existing kit onto a big Triumph six, however, Moss spent the better part of a year fine-tuning their design to achieve the perfect balance of power, usability, and vintage style.

Expanding upon knowledge they had gained with the successful MG-T, Spridget, and MGB supercharger systems, Moss engineers decided to use an Eaton positive-displacement Roots-type supercharger once again.

The Eaton supercharger design has proven itself on several late-model OE applications, including R-type Jags and the Ford Lightening super truck. The impressive-looking Eaton M62 blower was selected for the job. The first obstacle that had to be dealt with was a change in cylinder head port design that occurred in Since Moss engineers utilize computerized modeling software to design 3D renderings of the supercharger intake manifold before real-world prototypes were constructed, they decided to build two separate kits with different intakes: one for TR through TR6, and one for the TR6.

Once the intake manifold designs were finalized, the rest of the kit needed to be fleshed out. A single Holley cfm two-barrel carburetor was selected for its excellent performance and simple tuning characteristics. Accessory brackets, drive pulleys, and a new throttle cabin system round out the package.

The first production supercharger system has already been installed and dyno tested, turning out Considering the combined cost of standard Triumph performance enhancements Weber carburetors, header, tuned exhaustand the fact that the supercharger system will make more power than any other single enhancement available for the TR6, the system is a bargain.

Best of all, with an Eaton supercharger tucked under the bonnet, your Triumph will actually go as fast as it looks!

Tagged: Superchargertech tipsTR6Triumphtutorial. June 30, June 29, June 16, December 28, am Danny Fisk. January 12, am stuursmad. We would have had to change to another carburetor. That meant perhaps a new shorter supercharger nose to move it further forward, all custom.Print this page. I have seen the Moss Supercharger kit and it looks well made and thought out. A friend and I were out chasing parts last Friday and went into the backshop of one of our local sources to see another friend's "new" racer.

After we looked over that average driver's racer, I turned around and there it was, sitting on a work bench, a TR6 supercharget kit out of the box. I did not pick things up and do any handling as it looked to be set for installation in a customer car quick way to get disinvited from ever going into the backshop again is to mess with stuff on a money paying customer car. However, it looked to be well made and complete to minimize that "and you need to get these too" scenes.

Very, very nice, and considering the cost and considering what it cost to build a hot TR6 motor through the conventional means, very reasonable to boot. Given the effort, expense and nature of the modifications to the TR6 motor it's too late to even give it any thought for that car.

Which then of course begs the question of could I get away with sliding one of those in the list when it is time to do the TR, would it cost dearly in non-fiscal means or would I never live to tell the tale I agree that the setup is well manufactured, however, it is a compromise between good engineering and building something that can be sold in the marketplace.

The lack of an intercooler and reliance on a carburetor limits the capability of the system. I recommend that anyone installing one of these units also install a pyrometer to make sure that the exhaust gas temperatures do not get high enough to start melting the pistons.

triumph tr6 turbo kit

I have a little experience in this field. For more information go to www. Lee, That is pretty much it, this kit is not intended for an all out balls to the wall kind of car. It is intended for those with what amounts to a stock motor that is in good shape as a bolt on significant jump in power.

For an all out BTTW car, there are definitely things to do differently, but Moss needs a kit that can be sold to a reasonable handful of individuals as opposed that much, much smaller handful for whom too much of everything is just enough, but would only be interested in a bolt on kit.

My experience is that the people that would want to go all out are going to have decent fabrication skills and access to equipment to make the one off bits that they need as opposed to "just bolting something on. But given the level of boost and as long as you don't go mucking about with the kit to send the car off in that BTTW direction it is not an absolute necessity in my eyes. In the mean time, I'll stick to my normally aspirated retro grouch motor When providing boost EGT is important for the following reasons: 1 There was a very wide range of compression ratios over the TR6 production run.

EGT is simply cheap insurance against melted pistons. My experience is that you can generate temperatures in excess of degree F by running as little as 3 pounds of boost sea level equivalent with a stoichiometric mixture.

Everyone has an opinion, far fewer have facts. You decide which is more precious. Lee, here's opinion, not like you guys haven't heard this before Pull the old Grouch and drop in a V8. No big expense, lots of reliability, hp easy. Mind you, the sound of a well tuned straight six is something that cannot be surpassed Chris.September I've decided that this unit is just too large to squeeze in so it's been sold. I have seen a smaller unit from a Mercedes C that looks perfect and is fitted with an electric clutch.

Will need to keep an eye out over the winter. October Winter hasn't even started but I've already found another supercharger. This brand new Eaton M62 supercharger, designed for the Mercedes C, will be a much better fit. Overall length is only about 12" long. The Kompressor, as Mercedes calls it, is suited for an engine up to 3. A really neat feature is the electric clutch.

Wow I thought how great it would be to kick it in like a passing gear or nitrous. Now that I've had a chance to ponder it, that may not be as easy as it sounds. Initial installation may keep the clutch engaged all the time while I experiment getting a smooth transition from a naturally aspirated engine to forced induction. Guess I'll be doing some heavy reading over the winter. If you have some thoughts about this please contact me.

If you are wondering, the TBI injection system that I have been developing is not now compatible with a supercharger. This supercharger installation is on a multiport electronic fuel injection system. It's now Spring according to the calender in Maine. The local drive in reastaurant has opened, the ice breakers are heading up river, and the snow starting to melt. Time to get serious about all those TR6 projects including the supercharger. This is a photo of the the alternator's new home on the other side of the engine.

It is from a late model GM something rated at amps. You may have noticed that it uses a six groove serpentine belt as does the new harmonic balancer in the background. That balancer is from a Caddy V8 and although it weighs the same is seven inches in diameter. The larger diameter will spin the supercharger faster therefore more boost.Print this page. I was curious of what three modifications that you guys have made to your TR6's, that have been the most significant.

It doesn't matter if it is performance related or comfort related or what ever. With winter upon us, it is a good time for us to consider maybe doing a little tinkering with the toy before next spring arrives.

While I have done much more than this over the intervening years, these are the first three things that I did in the way of modifications and I still tend to think that they made more positive impact on my enjoyment of the car than the later modifications. The car was brought home and after about 3 or 4 weeks of driving it went up in the air for a complete front and rear suspension and brake rebuild.

Items 2 and 3 were done during that suspension rebuild the first of three I have done over the years, each one brought additional modification. There was no comparison to the car with before and after decent tires, the anti-roll bars, limited urethane bushing installation and suspension rebuild.

New Z Rated rubber 3. Poly bushings througout the suspension front and rear. My rubbers were badly worn and thus had a bad case of the "TR6 twitch" prior to putting in the hard bushings. Koni's on the front. The fronts were blown and so almost any new shocks would have made a big improvement but the Koni's are the best you can get. Koni's are original equipment on Ferrari's and Lamborgini's.

John Parfitt 73 5 speed. Yep - I heartily agree on suspension improvements: 1 Rebuild the front A-arms with polyurethane, nylon or nylotron on the trunnion assembly. In my opinion polyurethane is a great replacement for rubber in most, but not all places. SteveP, Thinking about doing a rear bar. What are the positives and negatives with doing that?

By the way, my three are: 1. Mike P. Aluminium stering rack mounts 3. Electric Fan frees up power and better cooling - cooler car runs with more power 2. Performance header and exhaust 3. Modern rubber!

triumph tr6 turbo kit

Mike, A rear anti-sway bar will will give you flatter cornering. Usually one upgrades the front bar when installing a rear bar. The down side can be increased oversteer; but that can be "tuned" out by other adjustments, however. Some also have complained loss of ground clearance, but that's not been a problem for me. Just wrapped up a nice 77 deg F day here - pretty good for late November.

Florida weather! MX5 seats [Miata to you guys across the pond] Poly bushes Motolita steering wheel. Brent, man, it's here in Bragg Creek and the car is frozen solid like an ice cube. Must be nice to cruise all year round. Have fun John Parfitt 73 5 speed. I think most of you guys know what modification I like the most so I'll skip to 2,3,4 -New foam and diaphrams in the seats, comfortable atlast -Brake and suspension overhaul.

Dito on the c John. Safety first - Check over all that stuff.

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