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Travian kingdoms guide

Well, even though the guide contains 4, words and is written on 12 pages, it is still work in progress. Still, you can gain a lot of knowledge by reading the already finished parts of the guide.

Travian - 15 Crop Grey Zone - Normal server

I want to summarize the different topics a bit. But there is a reason why this guide is as long as it is. Travian Kingdoms is a strategy game and there is more than one strategy that leads to success. And then, it all depends on the tribe you select to play. They all have their different kinds of troops. And yes, the guides talks about the differences of playing Gaul, Teuton or Roman. What is the biggy? To train troops, you have to have the right set of villages in which you want to train them.

Furthermore, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the troop types of each tribe. Of course, the Teutons are the ideal tribe for playing as an OFF player.

Beginner's Guide - First week as Gaul

But there are hard decisions to be made, for example choosing the Axefighters or the Clubswingers as your infantry unit. Both have their advantages and it might be great to play with the Clubs at the beginning of a game round and then switch later to the other. This strategy is even more advanced and needs a good gut feeling and experience when to do the switch.

After you made the decision which kind of troops you want to train in which village, the next point to consider is: How do I feed this huge army? Of course, settling on game fields that hold 9 or 15 crop fields can feed a large amount of your army and it is important to get one of these rare fields.

But even these fields have a limit. There will come a day, where you have to plunder foreign villages to keep your army sustained.

Either you stop your army from getting larger, or you start farming.

travian kingdoms guide

To be able to do sieges, you need to build rams and catapults in your workshop. But how many catapults and rams are really needed within a strong army? The guide suggests to have 1 player in your team that focuses on building these kind of troops. It also explains the differences between the walls of the three tribes and what you can expect from a Natarian wall.

For OFF Players, it is important to have a small population. Due to the Moral bonus? Never heard of it? Well, then you definitely have to read the example the guide gives you. As off player you should aim to be as much independent as possible crop and resource wise while having the lowest population possible in order to have the morale bonus applied in your favor, i. You can find them in the list at the bottom.

The second part of the guide explains general information about the different kind of attacks and give you basic information in how to successfully attack other Kingdom players. It is important to prepare an attack before sending your troops on the way. Condensed, you have to do these 3 steps:.Something goes wrong.

Please contact the Support. Message: data.

travian kingdoms guide

In the following guide some thoughts about the playstyles and advantages of the three different Tribes in Travian: Kingdoms that can be choosen among. Everything written represents one opinion and other experienced players might have a different views on it feel free to open a discusion about it on the forums of Travian: Kingdoms. Every single tribe in Travian: Kingdoms has its own strengths and a justified place in the game. The guide is split between a section for less active and a section for more active players to adress both groups and everybody inbetween.

Gauls are the most picked tribe for players with generally lower activity and that's for a good reason. In Travian: Kingdoms a hero item lets you dodge a small troop amount with your hero. This is where the Gaul tribe shines. The double Cranny size makes you less interesting to opposing attackers and farmers and helps you to get enough resources to build Settlers.

Not necessarily depending on being built or not, the fact that you could have a Trapper often scares enemy players enough to not attack you.

Also traps prevent other players from attacking your village with their strong hero alone as he will just get trapped. However, it has to be stated that the effectiveness of both Cranny and Trapper decreases with the progress of the game world.

Still the Gaul is a very good class for a defensive or hybrid playstyle even if you are very active. One important reason for players to pick the Roman tribe is the possibility to extend a resource and an infrastructure building at the same time. Lesser active players might often face resource overflows. The ability to queue three instead of two buildings helps a lot to grow the account faster, to build a large Warehouse and to use the resources effectively.

In addition, the high defense bonus of the Roman wall and the fact, that Roman heroes get a higher strength bonus Str instead of 80 Str per spent point makes them strong defenders in the early to mid-game. In this section the focus isn't on activity but on the actual troop and tribe advantages of the different three tribes. For a defensive playstyle, Gauls are considered to be the best tribe among the three. Of course, also Roman and Teuton accounts can be played defensive with a good success.

In the following both tribes are compared to the Gauls. Romans are also an excellent choice as defensive tribe because of their good economic growth, however their biggest disadvantages are the slow unit building times and the lack of a defensive cavalry unit. The Praetorian takes 1,7 times longer to be built than the Gaulish Phalanx. That is a huge difference! In the early, infantry dominated stages of the game the Teuton has very little defense to offer.

The Spearfighter is a very fast built, crop efficient and resource efficient unit. The main problem with a Teuton defender comes with the defensive cavalry unit, the Paladin. Despite the facts that it can be a decent raiding unit, the Paladin is just a much weaker and much slower version of the Gaulish Druidrider. This means resource wise Spearfighter offer cheaper infantry defense than Paladins, which shows how below average the Paladins defensive stats are.

Overall, if you want to build defensive infantry and defensive cavalry units the Gaulish tribe offers a better mix.Upgrade your villages to cities, improve your army and hold celebrations to keep your citizens happy.

Choose to be either king or governor and coordinate your strategy with other players to control resources, armies and territory. Only few will survive long enough to rule the world.

travian kingdoms guide

Will you be one of them? United States. Already have an account? Learn more. Join a game round lasting 6 months and try your best — only the strongest will make it to the top. Game start. Discover the world of Travian Kingdoms. May your journey lead you to power and glory! Second village. Found your second village and expand your influence in the early stages of your empire. First city. Empower your villages. The choice is yours: Convert them into mighty cities or grow your strength in numbers with many villages.

Catapults and conquering.

War over treasures. Valuable treasures will decide over the rise and fall of your kingdom — collect as many as possible and protect them! Natars and Wonders of the World. The mysterious Natar tribe will appear and with them, the seven Wonders of the World — conquer and upgrade them to win!

Game end. Your task will be to complete the Wonder of the World! Only the most powerful kingdoms can achieve this and thereby dominate the world of Travian!

Travian Kingdoms takes place in an ancient world. As the leader of a local tribe, your mission is to create a better future for your people. Also available for your Android or Apple smartphone:. Help Center Forum Wiki. All rights reserved. Select tribe Server:. Log in. Beginner's protection.And finally, the end of the world after several months of competition.

This post is part of a series of guides intended to help beginners discover the immense world of Kingdoms and massively multiplayer strategy. The actual point of the game is to amass the most Victory Points over the course of a round and trigger the end of the world by constructing a Wonder of the World to level Victory Points represent the game score and can only be collected by the eponymous kingdoms that comprise lots of players.

The game is played and won by teams of players! Victory Points are accrued over time by gathering and keeping treasures in the Treasuries of your kingdomand by looting treasures from more powerful kingdoms. The kingdom with the most Victory Points by the end of the game world wins.

There are only 7 Wonder of the World locations spread all over the map, where the end of the world can actually be triggered. And these locations become available for players after a certain point in time on a world days on a regular game worldwhen the mysterious ancient tribe of the Natars makes its full appearance.

When conquering a Wonder of the World village at one of these special locations, players will find it contains a special building,a Wonder of the World, which can then be upgraded up to level This is both expensive and time-consuming, and the process can only be afforded — and defended — by the greatest kingdoms.

The time required to conquer, level and defend a Wonder of the World village is immense, so a regular game world will usually last about 5 months before the end is reached and the victorious players reap their rewards. So, to make a long story short: In the game, kingdoms contest treasures that give them Victory Points, and the game is concluded when someone builds a Wonder of the World to level Once the game world ends, the victors claim their achievements and the respect of their enemies; the losers may wish to retry and hope their new friends and experience help them fare better.

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Travian Help Center

Fight your way to the top alongside your allies. Travian Games GmbH is one of the leading providers of browser-based online games worldwide.

The company offers its customers worldwide complex and varied game worlds, with great depth, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for their users. A motivated team of more than employees develops and markets online entertainment for customers of all ages. All games can be played by millions of users worldwide simultaneously and without costly or time-consuming downloads - the only requirements are Internet access and a web browser.

With Travian: Kingdoms we will bring your Travian experience to the next level! Whether you are using your PC's browser, a tablet on the couch or your smart phone on the go, Travian: Kingdoms is available anywhere so you can check up on your game! You can still play on your smart phone until then. Simply access kingdoms. You will then see a "light version" without the bells and whistles in graphics.

Optimized for quick access on the go and with all important features available. Attorney Dr. Robin Houben privacy traviangames. All rights to texts, graphics and source codes are held by Travian Games GmbH.

Travian is a registered trademark of Travian Games GmbH. Attempting to circumvent the game rules will be treated as a violation and shall be punished accordingly. Inciting, manipulating, encouraging, assisting or conspiring with others to violate any of the Travian rules is impermissible.

All game rules still apply to players wanting to delete their account or players who are in the process of deleting their account.So what kind of numbers do you shoot for in raiding?

At this point, I have 12 villages with a combined daily production of 2, resources. And daily average raid is around 1 million resources, so raiding alone increases my daily income by almost 50 percent. By mid game month sevenmy raiding income is around 2 million resources per day.

Along with it, your raiding techniques too will vary. I characterize the Early Game as the stage where you have only one village. I will however extract the substance of raiding in the early game. The main challenge in the early game is a shortage of raiders to collect all the resources out there.

Become a better OFF Player

There are plenty of farms and due to a shortage of troops, you need to raid as efficiently as possible while building a strong raiding force. The first important goal at this stage is to research the scout. Before all else, you must get a scout, because it will increase your raiding efficiency many times over. The most common mistake newbies make is they research the spearman, the paladin and what not, but they ignore the scout.

So let this be known, that the second unit type you build must always be the scout — and the sooner, the better. Teutons have an advantage because the Teuton scout is trained in the barracks. Other tribes are not so lucky because their scout is trained in the stable. Raid as soon as you can. That means within hours of registering your account. You need to record them into your Farm spreadsheet. An illustration of your 21 x 21 grid is shown on the left.

In the center, the red square is your immediate 7 x 7 grid. Each black square surrounding the red square is another 7 x 7 grid. Collectively, all nine squares make up your 21 x 21 grid. How far should you raid? Start with those closest to you. For starters, there are plenty of farms near you, but never hesitate to raid someone in your 21 x 21 radius. Later when you have multiple villages, raid anywhere up to a distance of 4 hours plus with Paladins.

Raid the closest Teuton or Roman. Do not worry about retaliation and do not worry about their village size. Also do not worry about any alliance status. Chances are at this stage, none of them have any troops. A clubswinger has a raiding capacity of 60 resources.This guide is based on my experiences of the game and is aimed at beginner level players but feel free to read and comment on it even if you have more experience with the game.

As a disclaimer I want to mention that this guide is not the only or necessarily even the best way to play the game so experiment and enjoy this great game with your own style. This guide is divided into three parts: Introduction to Gauls The first few days Game beyond the beginning. For the purposes of this guide we will be selecting Gauls but feel free to follow along if you pick Romans or Teutons, the information in parts 2 and 3 especially will be largely universal to all tribes.

Phalanx is arguably the best defensive unit in the game and will form a back bone of any Gaul player seeking to defend themselves or their allies from enemies.

Swordsman - The offensive counterpart of the Phalanx, the Swordsman specializes in attacking. He is your go to unit when dealing with robbers or even enemy players. He is also unlocked from the start of the game. Theutates Thunder - The first Gaul light cavalry unit is the Theutates Thunder TT for shorthe is fastest unit in the game allowing him to get to the target, carry plenty of loot back to base and be ready for another attack very quickly making him arguably the best raiding unit in the game.

Druidrider - The second light cavalry unit Gauls has access to is the Druidrider. Like the TT he is also very fast but unlike the TT he specializes in defense. Being the fastest defensive unit in the game, the Druidrider is first to the scene when you need to defend even your distant allies. Haeduan - The Gaul heavy Cavalry unit is the Haeduan. He is perhaps the weirdest unit in the Gaul arsenal having high attack AND high defense but only against cavalry. Following the trend he is also the fastest Heavy cavalry unit in the game though noticeably slower than the TT.

That being said these features come with a high price and training time, which makes him a very situational unit. In addition to these Gauls have access to 5 other units, which have no large differences between the different tribes:. Pathfinder — Scout cavalry unit able to reveal information on your enemies and defend against enemy scouts attempting to do the same to you Ram — Siege weapon that is designed to take down the enemy wall Trebuchet — Siege weapon that can attack all the other buildings besides the wall damaging or destroying them Chieftain — Very expensive unit capable of capturing enemy villages Settler — Unit capable of settling another village.

Each tribe also has a special building only that tribe can build. For Gauls this building is an extremely powerful early and midgame defensive building called the Trapper. The Trapper is able to build traps which will capture attacking units, entirely blocking small attacks and severely weakening bigger attacks allowing your units to finish them off easily.

Trapper and the Phalanx working together will make a deadly combo for almost all attackers trying to steal from your village which makes Gaul defense extremely potent especially during the early stages of the game.

Gauls also have good offensive and defensive options in both their infantry and their cavalry categories while also having generally good stats for their price and training time. The game itself advertises Gauls as the best choice for beginners and I have to agree with this. Gauls can boast on having the strongest defense of all the tribes especially during the early stages of the game.

This is especially important for beginners who might have troubles defending themselves against more experienced players. Once you are properly established and familiar with the game, Gaul versatility will grant you the tools to pursue a variety of playstyles. There is much more to Gauls than what I can cover here but the game wiki and the in game help function both have lots of stats and information to those who are interested to learn more about Gauls. Part 2: The first few days For the purposes of this guide I will assume you have registered on a new server less than 24h of the start of the server.

This is the ideal time to join a server to get the best experience of the game. New servers start regularly so if no such server exists you can join the youngest server to practice the game and then join a fresh one when it does start. You can have one character called Avatar on each server so feel free to try them all if you wish.

Hop into a new server; choose Gauls for your tribe and governor as your role. If you are first time player take the time and first get to know the interface. The beginner protection will expire after 7 days or when your village reaches population. There are several things we could do at the beginning but generally speaking the first week is all about establishing your starting village.

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