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Electric keg still

Moonshine Stills. Privacy Policy. Distilling Books. Water Storage Tanks. Spirit Storage Tanks. Used Distilling Equipment. Mash Tuns. Cooling Coils. Complete Distilling Systems. Low Pressure Steam Boilers. Still Columns. Grain Mills. Everything Included. The picture below shows one of our 26 gallon Moonshine Stills with our 4 perf.

If you are looking for a moonshine still you have found the right place. We have moonshine stills of all types and sizes. We have moonshine stills in sizes ranging from 5 gallons to 55 gallons. We have any type of moonshine still that you want including reflux column moonshine stills for e and vodkapot still moonshines stills for whiskey, Bourbon, Rum and Brandy, perf, plate column moonshine stills and bubble plate column moonshine stills.

We have electric moonshine stills, propane moonshine stills and we even have baine marie moonshine stills. A baine marie moonshine still has a jacket filled with cooking oil. There are electric heating elements in the jacket.


This indirect heat allows you to have solids in your mash without the worry of scorching. A direct fire moonshine still can only run mashes that are all liquid. If you put a grain in mash in a direct fire moonshine still it will scorch.

All of the best Bourbons and whiskeys are distilled from thick corn mashes with the grain left in. If you use the cook corn method with no sugar and run the mash in an indirect fired moonshine still you will have a much better product.

You can cook the mash in the jacketed moonshine still before you ferment it.

copper moonshine stills micro distillery equipment

Grain in mashes that have no added sugar must be cooked and a little malted barley must be added to turn all of the starch in the grain into sugar. This is how the real Moonshiners did it before cheap sugar came along. Our Jacketed moonshine still will allow you to do this. We supply a book with our jacketed baine marie moonshine stills that gives complete grain in recipes and mashing instructions. Please see all of our great moonshine stills listed on the left.

Just click on a blue link to the left to see the moonshine still of your choice.What are the benefits of a Reflux still over a Pot Still? A Reflux still can produce high proof alcohol in a single run because it effectively re-distills the alcohol multiple times within the column before it is drawn off by the condenser. Choosing a good boiler for your Reflux still is important. The most important thing is that the boiler you choose is made of stainless steel. Some examples include restaurant pots, beer kegs or used milk cans.

When choosing between these options you should think about how your going to attach the column to the boiler in some cases specialized welding and fabrication may be required to make the connection between the two units.

Also the column should be easy to separate from the boiler for cleaning and storage and it should be large enough to distill batches of mash. Make sure you have considered all these things before you commit to choosing a specific boiler. Makes things easy no fabrication required. The top end consist of several components including the reflux column, the cooling tubes, and the condenser. We will build each one separately and then put all three components together. I love this style of condenser because it is simple, efficient and durable.

Below is a diagram of the condenser assembly to give you an idea of what your going to build.

With this condenser water circulates through the water jacket cooling the condenser core. This process strips the heat from the vapor entering the condenser unit and turns the alcohol vapor into liquid form. For the still to operate correctly the direction of water flow is important. The water should enter the bottom of the condenser and exit out the top. See illustration above for details. The Condenser Core is responsible for transferring heat between the distillate vapors within the Reflex still to the water surrounding the Core while keeping the two fluids separate.

To build the condenser core follow these steps:.

electric keg still

The condenser jacket is the part of the reflux still which is responsible for condensing the distillate alcohol. To build the Condenser Jacket follow the below instructions:. The reflux column is the part of the Still that is responsible for producing high proof alcohol. It does this by producing multiple distillations within the column. To build the Reflux column we need to assemble a few things first. See illustration below for further details.Welcome Guest!

User Name or E-Mail Address:. Remember me. Electric Keg heating element capacity. Rank: Junior Member.

electric keg still

I have read Elricko"s info on electrifying his Thanks Elricko! I plan to use a watt, volt and a watt, volt heating element. The will be almost not touching on the bottom and the will be about 2 inches above it. My question is Or will it actually overdrive it? I know that having the heating element inside the liquid will greatly improve the efficiency as compared to sitting over a flame or a heating element. Second question That would give me some control over the heat source. I used the keg yesterday, heating with propane.

I noted that it took a larger flame to maintain the temps as compared to the stock PS-II cooker 7. I believe I"m going to enjoy the keg FlyboyTR :. I've been searching and have yet to find them - I just got my hands on a brand new empty keg and I'm looking forward to the additional size.

There is a forum member named Elricko I hope the spelling is correct. He also posts on Homedistillers. Good luck! Greetings everyone!

I've been away for quite some time. I back to working on converting my Way back when I posed the question see below but it was never answered. Please provide me with some feedback regarding the watt element!

Hope that everyone here have been doing well and enjoying some quality homebrew! Rank: Senior Member. MtnWalker, Thanks for the reply. In any case Both of you were always such stable forces in this hobby.Easy to run and clean also fits in most kitchen cabinets. This still is made to order and will ship between business days.

It can be used as a reflux or a pot still. If you are looking for a high quality distiller that can be used as a reflux or a pot still, and doesnt take up too much room, or just looking for something small, this is a great little distiller.

About 1. The larger version of this still click here. Free shipping applies to orders shipped within the continental United States. International orders and orders to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be discounted shipping rates. Tim filmore — August 30, Seasholtz verified owner — March 20, Great package deal, have a batch of mash ready when it arrives because it has everything you need to fire up the day it arrives at your door.

Great communications and customer service hard to find these daysif you want to run a lot of small batches of pure spirits buy this now! I am a nano brewer and have a substantial bit stainless steel brewery equipment. Their customer service is also a pleasure in todays business world.

First…the purchasing process was wonderful. Product arrived in great condition and only took a few days. The quality of the items are top notch. The boiler and column are well built and very solid.

The electric controller is basic, but is well built, and allows precise control of the heating element. The heating element is very high quality, and easy to clean. The 3 gallon size allows me to make small batches and experiment a little with different mashes.

I am very pleased with the quality of these products and would highly recommend them. Jimmie Paakkonen verified owner — December 24, What a nice piece of equipment!! Built very well!! Fast shipping, great packing, good communication!!

You do a wonderful job! Thanks for everything!! The quality of this product shows and is well worth the money.We build 5,10, 20 and 40 gallon handmade copper home distillers kits, including worm, thumper and thermometer. Each still is also leak tested. These are quality stills at an unbeatable price. We have the best products on the market without a doubt! We also have an electric heating element option. It is cheaper and quicker, more quiet and efficient! Would you like the pre-built hand made still or do you want to save a few bucks and put it together yourself?

If Craigslist, use coupon code "craigslist" If Google, use coupon code "google" If Facebook, use coupon code "facebook" Expedited Services, ships out next day. Please read for explanation. Photos and more details found in the Power Controllers Category Section. Piping size is the final reducing size coming off the cap that runs through the thumper and worm. Larger piping offers a faster run and more surface area to pull sulfur out of the product.

Choose One Standard 2. Choose One Standard Copper 2. Click here for pics and more info. Can also be used with worm to circulate water. Mash Transfer Pump. Pre-measured for 10 gal mash Pre-measured for 20 gal mash Pre-measured for 40 gal mash.

electric keg still

Confirm completion of fermentation or calculate alcohol content of the mash. Monitor your proof in real-time. Make easy head, heart and tail cuts. Copper Proofing Parrot.

Easy 45 Degree Turn Handle. Let us engrave your phrase, slogan or logo. Description found in the accessories category. Engraving 30 characters or less. Photos and more details found in the Reflux Columns Category Section. You will need to source these at your local hardware store. Hardware Connection Kit. Description Additional information Description We build 5,10, 20 and 40 gallon handmade copper home distillers kits, including worm, thumper and thermometer. Related Products. You may also like….

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Hybrid Electric Moonshine Still With Built In Element

Copper is the go-to material when it comes to distilling for heat conduction and consistency. Shop our entire selection today!

Stainless steel is a durable and affordable material used in all kinds of distilling setups. Shop all our stainless steel gear! Shop a full range of home distilling parts and supplies. We have clamps, wooden barrels, pumps, fittings and anything else a home distiller needs to keep their distilling system running smooth.

Copper is the preferred material in the construction on any moonshine still. A copper moonshine still removes all the sulfides that are produced during the distilling process. The most demanding distillers demand copper for their moonshine stills. Just rinse with water when you're finished and you're done.

The hot and high proof alcohol has already cleaned the inside. Here at Hillbilly Stills you will find some of the highest quality workmanship and products. We use No. We hope we can serve all of your distillation needs. Watch the videos below and you will see why every serious distiller wants a Hillbilly Flute moonshine still.

All of our moonshine stills and mash pots are protected by federal copyright laws. Here at Hillbilly Stills we want to serve all of your distillation needs. Whether you are looking for whiskey stills for sale or the finest copper stills and parts on the market, we have the distillery equipment you have been looking for. We are constantly searching for new suppliers of items that the micro or hobby distiller uses in their craft.

We hope you will let us serve all of your distillation needs. Please check back often as we will be adding items as they become available.

If you are looking for something we don't offer please contact us and we will try to find a supplier for the items you are searching for. I think you will find we offer some of the best moonshine stills for sale on the market today. Each moonshine still carried at Hillbilly Stills is handmade using the highest quality workmanship and products. We have many happy customers around the world and we ship our moonshine stills worldwide on a daily basis. If you live in another country don't hesitate to contact us, because we will ship to you.

We are currently supplying several micro distilleries for their alcohol distilling needs. If you are a micro distillery please contact us to see if we can be of any assistance. Alcohol Distilling is our business and we believe that we can offer you the best copper moonshine stills available at truly reasonable prices.We are the the oldest and best still company in the USA and have sold more stills than all the other companies combined!

Every craftsman at StillZ has had in high-level, in depth training. The quality of our products reflect just that. When you see one of our stills we want you to think. We want to show you the best we can. By having up close photos of the finest details. We will not be one of them. We have a variety of Products. From Hobbyist to Commercial Stills. Customize one just for you, the choices are endless.

electric keg still

If you have placed an order be rest assured your order will go out as soon as possible. Due to the tremendous amount of orders we currently have, customers have be calling and emailing about a ship date on their Order Please be aware that we are diligently working to get all orders out as fast as possible!

We are doing our part to stop this Virus!! Available Now, Limited. Packaging was bomb proof and the still is literally artwork! I tip my hat to you and the crew on the craftsmanship. Beautiful braze joints man. I see a 19 on the Owens plaque and nowhere else, is that the assigned out of that you've made?

10 DIY Moonshine Still Plans (and 6 Moonshine Recipes to Try)

Thanks again for the quality, can't wait to get some heaven dripping outta her! Oh and how does a guy go about getting one of those sweet logo shirts? Glenn Cote. The Finest Stillz On Earth. Nobody Builds Like Steven Stillz! Call Steven to order privately. Do They? In Business for over 25 years and not slowing down.

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